2019 Day of Service

In partnership with Campari, the USBG Foundation is excited to announce our second annual National Day of Service on June 25th, 2019. The goal of this project is to increase our industry's participation in charitable activities in local communities. 


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

On June 25th we celebrated our commitment to our Community Service Pillar by helping to organize a nation wide volunteer day in partnership with Campari America: Campari Day of Service.

By combining our efforts on a single day we are able to have a huge impact: 

  • 48 cities across the U.S. participated

  • 57 activities; everything from beach clean ups, to serving meals, to playing with puppies

  • 79 local organizers; who are all rockstars

  • 916 volunteers; who dedicated time to this amazing program

  • 2,788 volunteer work hours; more than a person works in a year


  • 100 bags of trash removed from public spaces; 

  • Hundreds of homeless animals helped, cleaned, and cared for;

  • Thousands of meals served​;

  • Tens of thousands of pounds of food organized ;​

  • And one complicated gazebo assembled for a community of formerly homeless elderly women 


...and so so much more


Thank you to all the local organizers who went above and beyond to make this day so impactful for your communities. You are the hearts and heroes of this program.

We look forward to bringing this program to you again in 2020. Please watch this page for updates.

Hover over the map to see which cities participated in 2019.


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