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When Bartenders Break Down – We Aren’t Machines!

Longtime USBG Member, Trish Vodrazka recently had rotator cuff surgery. After years of working behind the bar, that little piece of cartilage in her shoulder finally gave out. She bit the bullet and scheduled surgery. Even with decent insurance and time off from work, the surgery bills were quite a bit more that she could comfortably handle. Coupled with rent and household bills, she realized she was in need of financial assistance and reached out to the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP) at the USBG National Charity Foundation (USBG Foundation).

The BEAP at the USBG Foundation exists to help qualified bartenders like Trish, cover emergency financial needs. When unexpected life events overdraw your financial resources, the BEAP acts as a safety net, granting you the peace of mind to recover fully. The BEAP has helped cover medical expenses as in the case of Trish, relocation costs due to natural disasters like hurricanes, and replacement bar tools lost in forest fires. The BEAP application is open to ALL working bartenders, bar backs and bar servers, you do NOT need to be a USBG member to apply, and you can find the application here:

Now in recovery and going through physical therapy Trish has extended her gratitude to the BEAP and the USBG Foundation, “Many thanks again, and please tell everyone how much we appreciate all the support. We will be sure to share this experience with all of our (Chapter) members and to help reinforce that the USBG (Foundation) is here for them.”

To donate to help more bartenders like Trish in 2019, please visit our fundraising page and help us reach our goal!

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