Are you looking for information as you fill out your application? Then you are in the correct place. If you are looking for something else please navigate back to the main FAQ page HERE

How do I apply?

Please go HERE to apply.


Do I need to be a USBG member to apply?

No. You do not need to be a member to apply.


Do I have to apply on the website?

Yes. We can only accept applications and documents through the website. Please do not submit an application via email.


Who can fill out the form?

If you are having trouble filling out the form due to technological or language barriers, please have a friend or family member assist. 


Am I eligible?

If you are a bartender, barback, bar server, or are otherwise engaged in the service, preparation, manufacture, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, you may be eligible. Full eligibility requirements can be found HERE.

I have lost my job or am in-between jobs. Will you help cover the loss of income?

No. Our grant programs seek to provide immediate financial assistance for those in the hospitality industry who encounter temporary, emergent, financial hardship due to unforeseen and/or catastrophic life events (BEAP) or those who have been affected by cancer (HDRF). Eligibility for our grants is not based on loss of income. Our grants are not intended to serve as either wage or unemployment insurance but may supplement these programs in certain circumstances.


Are you giving grants to everyone eligible?

We are not able to assist everyone who asks.  At this time, we are prioritizing grant awards based on eligibility and proven emergent need.  


Does the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program Application have to ask so many questions?

Yes. For two main reasons, legality, and ethics. 


  • Legal Reasons: To comply with the IRS and thus U.S. tax law, the USBG Foundation must maintain an objective and legitimate system for verifying an applicant's level of need. We can only distribute funds for immediate needs, including food, housing, medical, and family emergencies. To determine if an applicant meets the need threshold for an emergency aid grant, we are bound by the IRS to ask for verifiable information.


  • Ethical Reasons: We know that millions of hospitality industry members are in need due to the COVID-19 crisis. We have been entrusted by our mission, our applicants, and our donors to deliver emergency aid to those with proven emergent needs, and the only way to know that is to ask comprehensive questions.


Do you help people in CA, TX, WY, FL, etc.?

This grant is open to applicants in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. Territories.


Do you grant to people outside of the United States?

No, grants can only be made to residents of the U.S, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. Territories.


How much will be granted to approved applicants of your grants?

We are working diligently to assist as many hospitality industry members as we can. Our average BEAP grant is around $1,200, and our average HDRF grant is around $7,500.


How long will the grant process take?

The average approval process for applicants to receive their grants is currently 3-6 weeks.


Do I have to repay the funds I receive?

No, this is a philanthropic grant and is not a loan. No repayment is required.


Can a business (bar/restaurant) apply for a grant?

No, at this time, grants are made only to individuals.


Do you help servers?

Yes and No. You may be eligible for a grant if your workplace holds a beverage alcohol license and you serve alcoholic beverages as part of your job.


Can you help if my work does not serve alcohol?

No, at this time, we are unable to accept grants unless your place of work has a beverage alcohol license.


What email address should I use?

Be sure to remember what email address you used in filing your application.  This will be the primary email we will use in all of our communications.   As some employers are terminating their employees, their work email addresses may no longer be valid.  We recommend using a non-work email address.


What documents do I need to upload? 

You will need to collect several documents.  Some are “must-haves” for us to consider them proof. All MUST include you or a member of your household’s name on them. We do not need your SSN to be visible on your W2 of tax return, and we only need your name and DOB visible on your ID.


  • Accepted Forms of Proof

    • Proof of Employment in Hospitality Industry: W-2, most recent paycheck stub or letter from your employer

    • Proof of Income, Job Role: Most recent tax return from 2019 or 2018 or letter from your employer stating your income and job role.

    • Proof of Dependents: Tax return from 2019 or 2020 that show dependents, proof of adoption from 2019 or 2020, or proof of birth of a child from 2019 or 2020.

    • Proof of Medical Conditions: Letter from your doctor, diagnosis and/or testing forms from doctor or hospital  that reference the condition, ultrasound, images prescription bottles or inhalers that also include your name, picture of a pregnant woman holding her ID

    • Proof of default: Letter from a creditor, bill showing default / late payment due, eviction notice, communication with a landlord stating the intent of eviction and/or late payment.


  • NOT Accepted Forms of Proof

    • Proof of Employment in Hospitality Industry: paycheck stub from a year ago, W-2 that does not reference your current job in hospitality. (Must prove that your primary job is one that serves alcohol.)

    • Proof of Income & Job Role: Uploaded note from yourself

    • Proof of Dependents: Uploaded picture of a child.  

    • Proof of Medical Conditions: Uploaded note from yourself, uploaded image of a prescription bottle that does not reference your name, picture of a pregnant woman

    • Proof of being furloughed, reduced hours, termination: work schedule, note from yourself

    • Proof of default: Images of current bills, the image of a lease agreement.  NOTE: While you may assume that you will be in default, that is not proof of default. 


If I forgot to upload a document or uploaded the incorrect document, what should I do?

Please email to make changes to your application. 


Is the grant application (my info) confidential?

Yes. The security of your information and confidentiality is one of our utmost priorities, grant applications and all personal information are password protected on a secure server.


I filled out an application; how do I know if it’s been received?

You should receive your first communication within 72 hours of filing. 


What do I do if I entered information incorrectly or did not upload the correct documents?

Please email to make changes to your application.


How soon can I get my money?

The average approval process for applicants to receive their grants is currently 3-6 weeks.


How do I know you are a legitimate charity?

We are a 501(c)3 registered charity; you can find our documentation HERE


Where does your funding come from?

Our funding comes from individual and corporate/institutional donors. We receive no funding from the U.S. Government.