How do I apply?

Please go HERE to apply.


Do I need to be a USBG member to apply?

No. You do not need to be a member to apply.


Do I have to apply on the website?

Yes. We can only accept applications and documents through the website. Please do not submit an application via email.

Why am I seeing an error code when I submit my application?

There are several reasons for this. The email verification may not have gone through, you may have pressed the "submit" button more than once, or there may be too much traffic on the form at once. If this happens, please refresh the application web page and reapply.

Who can fill out the form?

If you are having trouble filling out the form due to technological or language barriers, please have a friend or family member assist. 


Am I eligible?

If you are a bartender, bar back, bar server, or are otherwise engaged in the service or preparation of alcoholic beverages, you are eligible. Full eligibility requirements can be found HERE.

Do you help people in CA, TX, WY, FL, etc.?

Yes. This grant is open to applicants in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Do you grant to people outside of the United States?

No. Grants can only be made to residents of the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Do I have to repay the funds I receive?

No. This is a philanthropic grant and is not a loan. No repayment is required.

Can a business (bar/restaurant) apply for a grant?

No. At this time grants are made only to individuals.


Do you help servers?

Yes and No. You may apply if you place of work holds a full liquor license and you serve alcoholic beverages as part of your job.


Can you help if my work does not serve alcohol?

No. At this time we are unable to accept grants unless your place of work has a full liquor license.


What documents do I need to upload?

For COVID-19 related applications, please upload your most recent pay stub. If you do not have a paystub, please upload another type of proof of employment (W-2, Form-1099, etc.), or a letter from your employer.

If I forgot to upload a document, or uploaded the incorrect document, what should I do?

If additional documentation is needed you will be contacted. Uploading the incorrect document does not mean you will be automatically denied. Please do NOT email any documents.

How much financial aid should I ask for?

Please ask for only what is emergency need. Medical bills and/or the amount needed to keep you fed and sheltered are priorities.


Is the grant application (my info) confidential?

Yes. The security of your  information and confidentiality is our utmost priority, grant applications and all personal information are password protected on a secure server.


Why do you ask for my SSN?

UPDATE: We are no longer asking for a SSN on the application. 


I am getting an error when I submit my application, what do I do?

Please refresh the application page and/or empty the cache in your browser and try to reapply. Also, please only click "submit" once. Doing so multiple times can increase the chance of seeing an error message upon submission.


How do I know my application has gone through?

You should see a "Thank you for submission" message from our system letting you know that your application has been received. You will not recieve an email.


What do I do if I entered information incorrectly or did not upload correct documents?

Please resubmit an application containing the correct information and documents.


How soon can I get my money?

We are currently securing funding and processing applications. Typically, we are able to release grants in 4-6 weeks. We are hopeful to find efficiencies that will allow us to distribute some level of support more quickly.


How do I know you are a legitimate charity?

We are a 501(c)3 registered charity, you can find our documentation HERE

Where does your funding come from?

Our funding comes from individual and corporate donors. We receive no funding from the U.S. Government.


How do I donate to help?

Please donate HERE.

Can I set up a fundraiser to help?

Yes. You can set up a fundraiser that links to our campaign page, or you can start a Facebook Fundraiser. You can even start a GoFundMe and donate the proceeds on our campaign page (above).

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