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Have a general question about our USBG Chapter Fundraising Initiative? Then you are in the correct place. If not, then please navigate back to the home page by clicking here.

How do I make a donation?

  • You can make a CC donation in the name of your USBG Chapter through our secure online giving portal

  • You can request ACH transfer instructions by emailing

  • You can mail a check and donation form to the following address, making sure to make "BEAP" in the memo section and including which USBG Chapter the donation is coming from:

USBG National Charity Foundation

2654 W Horizon Ridge Parkway

Suite B5 PMB 252

Henderson, NV 89052-2803 

What is the USBG Chapter Fundraising Initiative?

This initiative aims to recruit USBG Chapters as $500 (or higher) level donors to the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP) by September 30, 2023. The $12,000 we hope to raise will allow us to award additional grants to qualified BEAP applicants.


What is the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP)?

The BEAP at the USBG Foundation aims to help those in the bar industry who require financial assistance because of a catastrophic event or an emergency hardship such as an accident, acute medical diagnosis, or wind, water, earth, or fire-related natural disasters.

Why should my USBG Chapter donate $500 (or more)?

The BEAP is here to support those in the bar industry during their time of need. We aim to award grants to as many qualified bartenders, bar servers, barbacks, and others in the industry, as possible every year. In addition, we strive to ensure that the BEAP is sustained as a safety net for those who need it most. We hope you will support us to continue “Serving Those Who Serve Us."

How can my USBG Chapter raise & donate $500 (or more)?

You can directly donate from your USBG Chapter's bank account, hold a fundraiser to benefit the BEAP, ask your members for donations, or even ask a brand!  Your Chapter might consider matching (up to $500) whatever funds are raised through a fundraiser or by your members and doubling your donation! There are many creative ways to gather donations to help our fellow bar industry colleagues in need!

Will my USBG Chapter be publicly recognized for donating $500 (or more)?

YES! We will be publishing a leaderboard on our website throughout the campaign. 

How will you use the funds donated?

The funds donated will be used to fund qualified grant applications directly. A 10% administration fee will be applied so that we can make sure that the BEAP keeps running smoothly.

How many people are helped by the BEAP each month?

The BEAP awards between 10 and 30 grants each month. The average grant size is $1,500.

How much does it cost to run the BEAP?

Currently, per year, it costs about $250,000 for BEAP grant awards and an additional $25,000 for staff administration costs. 

How can I, or someone I know, apply to the BEAP for assistance?

Please visit the BEAP Application page here.

What are the social media hashtags for this initiative?

#USBG4BEAP and you can follow along @usbgncf.

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