During these uncertain times the USBG Foundation strives to be a resource for our bar industry community. Please find all of our COVID-19 Relief & Response Information below.

Although our COVID-19 Relief Grant Program may have closed, we do still provide grants to industry members in need through our other grant programs.

2020 COVID-19 Relief Campaign Impact

$9.6M Raised

65K Completed Applications Received

Location of Awarded Grants

(All 50 States + P.R. + U.S.V.I.)

+4,700 Donors

COVID-19 Relief Campaign FAQs

4 Evaluation Criteria

(Food Insecurity, Shelter Insecurity, Medical Need, Family Responsibility)

+32,000 Grants Awarded

($300 average)

+700 Volunteers

+23,000 Hours

Bartenders (84%)

Bar Servers (14%)

Others (2%)

Who Has Received Grants

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program


We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our donors and supporters, large, small, and in-between, for your generous assistance


There are many resources available for COVID-19 information and financial aid. At this time resources have been compiled on the USBG COVID-19 Resource Page HERE.

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