Please read through the Selection Criteria and Eligibility Requirements for the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP) below, and if you believe that you are eligible, please fill out the application making sure to include the required supporting documents. You do NOT need to be a USBG member to apply for a philanthropic grant.
BEAP grants seek to provide immediate financial assistance for those in the hospitality industry who encounter temporary, emergent, financial hardship due to unforeseen and/or catastrophic life events. Eligibility for a BEAP grant is not based on loss of income. BEAP grants are not intended to serve as either wage or unemployment insurance, but may supplement these programs in certain circumstances.
Acceptance of new COVID-19 applications have been being suspended as of June 15, 2020 due to decrease in application volume and drawdown of funding.
  • The BEAP grant fund has suspended acceptance of applications that are COVID-19 specific.

  • If you have a question regarding the COVID-19 specific BEAP grants please visit our FAQs.

  • If you are experiencing a temporary, emergent, financial hardship due to unforeseen and/or catastrophic life events that are not related to COVID-19, please continue to the BEAP application after reading through the eligibility requirements.




In order to qualify for grant assistance from the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program, the recipient must satisfy all of the following requirements:


  1. Be a Bartender or the spouse or child of a Bartender. The Bartender Emergency Assistance Program defines a “Bartender” as an individual employed in serving beverages or otherwise engaged in the production, promotion or distribution of alcoholic beverages. An individual is considered “employed” as a Bartender if, for not less than one year prior to the application, the individual performed services as a Bartender on a regular full- or part-time basis or, if the catastrophic event or emergency hardship giving rise to the application prevents the individual from performing such services, for not less than one year prior to the event or hardship the individual performed services as a Bartender on a regular full- or part-time basis.

   2. Experience a catastrophic event or emergency hardship that is:

  • Identifiable and described in detail in the application;

  • Damaging to the person or property (e.g., loss of life, health, or property);

  • Sudden and precipitous rather than gradual or progressive;

  • Unexpected, unanticipated, unforeseen, unintended, or unplanned; and

  • Unusual and not normally occurring in the ordinary course of day-to-day living.


   3. Lack the necessities of life, including financial, physical, mental, or emotional well being as a result of the catastrophic event or emergency                hardship. 


   4.  Provide tangible documentation of the catastrophic event or emergency hardship.




Grant recipients will be selected solely on the basis of the eligibility requirements above. Each grant applicant will be pre-screened for compliance with the eligibility and application requirements on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis by USBG National Charity Foundation staff or other persons designated by USBG Foundation’s Board of Directors. All pre-screened and approved applications will be submitted to USBG National Charity Foundation’s Grants Committee for review. Grants will be awarded by USBG National Charity Foundation’s Grants Committee on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis upon reviewing the application and ascertaining any additional facts and circumstances as necessary.

Grant applications will not be denied solely due to the fact that the Bartender terminated employment after the application was made, regardless of the reason for such termination. Moreover, at the time the grant is awarded, there will be no requirement or condition, express or implied, that the recipient render future employment services as a Bartender.


Grants will be made in the form of lump sum distributions to the recipient, or as determined by the USBG National Charity Foundation's Board of Directors based on the needs of the particular recipient. Each grant recipient will be required to provide USBG National Charity Foundation with documentation that the grant was used in a manner consistent with the terms of the grant. Although the extent and form of documentation required in connection with a particular distribution will depend on the nature and urgency of the underlying catastrophic event or emergency hardship, preferred documentation will include evidence produced by third parties and used for other purposes, such as police reports, fire department reports, medical prescriptions, receipts, eviction notices, condemnation notices, overdue invoices, other third party affirmations and other similar tangible documentation. 

All data is kept confidential and secure. For proof of our charitable status, please find our 501(c)3 Letter of Determination here.

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