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Acceptance of new COVID-19 applications have been suspended as of June 15, 2020 (Midnight PT) due to decrease in application volume and drawdown of funding.

I filled out an application, how do I know if it’s been received?

You should receive your first communication from the USBG Foundation within 72 hours of filing. 

When will cash aid be released?

Cash aid distributions have been made daily since April 8, 2020.

If you are not accepting new applications, is mine still under consideration for funding?

Yes. If you application was received before June 15, 2020 at 11:59pm PT, your application remains under review for funding.


I filled out an application over a week ago and I still haven’t received any communication.  Did it get lost?

All applicants receive communication within 72 hours and more communications after that (about 3-4).  If you did not receive communication, please do the following:


•    Check your spam in-box.

•    Confirm your email address that you used when filing and ensure that it is still active.


All of the first communications are auto-generated to the email address you used in your application.  If you have not received a communication from us, it may mean that your email address is not active.  Re-apply with a current or different email address.  If you still have not received communication, please use this form to contact us.

I have been advanced to the phase 2 application, where do I find my user name and password?

The phase 2 grant application platform, Submittable, is a different platform from the phase 1 submission platform for most applicants. After clicking the link provided, select  “Create Your Account” to get started. 

Can I edit my application or add documents after it is submitted?

Due to the high volume of edit requests we are receiving, we must kindly ask that withdraw your application and resubmit. The following help article will explain the steps for withdrawing your submission: How do I withdraw my submission(s)?

I just re-read what the acceptable forms or proof are.  Can I upload new documents?

Yes, but only in Phase Two.  If you’ve been invited to move onto Phase Two, applicants are able to upload additional forms.


My situation has changed since I first applied.  Can I upload new documents?

Yes, but only in Phase Two.  If you’ve been invited to move onto Phase Two, applicants are able to upload additional forms.  If your situation has changed and you haven’t moved onto Phase Two, re-apply.  


I received a denial on my application from 4 weeks ago, but since then, my situation has drastically changed.  Can I re-apply?



I filled out an application 4 weeks ago and only received a couple of communications.  Does this mean my application has been denied?

No.  However, depending on the situation, it could mean that your application is still being vetted.  We do try and fast-track those applications with proven emergent need, so it could mean that other applications were moved ahead of you if their need was more dire.

I filled out an application the exact same time as my co-worker and they have already received a grant.  Why haven’t I received one?

Grants are awarded based on emergency need that is carefully reviewed.  Your need may be different than your co-worker’s need.    


I’m a single mother of two, got an eviction notice and have severe food needs, do I have to wait 4-6 weeks to get assistance?

We do try and prioritize applicants that have the proven emergent need.  As our systems and processes have been upgraded, we are trying our best to fast-track those applications.


Questions about approval payment processing?

Please check the approval email you received for contact information to have these questions answered

What email address should I use for approval payment processing?

Please do not use a hotmail.com email address as they will not work with our payment processor. Make sure that you use, or set up, an additional email address for payment processing.

I received an email stating that my application was not approved for assistance. Why was my application declined?

Our evaluation is based on proven need for food, shelter, medicine, and taking care of family members. We will not be able to assist everyone who asks, nor will we have as much money to distribute as is needed. At this time, we are not able to share the details of individual application denials. 

I thought you were giving grants to all Bartenders whose job was affected by COVID-19.  Is that not the case?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give grants to everyone that is eligible, instead prioritizing those applicants that demonstrate the emergent need.  Our need evaluation is based on proven need for food, shelter, medicine, and taking care of family members.

Are you offering any other relief or resources aside from grants?

Yes, in all of our communications with applicants, we have given a list of resources to tap into.  We also allow applicants to “opt-in” for restaurant gift card relief.  


What is restaurant gift card relief?  

We have received some generous donations from donors in the form of restaurant gift cards.  Applicants have the ability to “opt-in” during Phase Two if they would like to be considered for this relief as well. 


Do I have to choose between a restaurant gift card or a cash grant?

No.  The restaurant gift card would be in addition to a cash grant.  They are two separate avenues of support.


Can I choose the restaurant?

Yes and no.  We have only partnered with national accounts, as those restaurant gift cards are digitized, easy to transfer and are most accessible to applicants no matter where an applicant lives.  We do not have the infrastructure to obtain local restaurant gift cards and distribute them to those that live in a 30-mile radius of that restaurant. However, some of the gift cards include corporations like Darden that may have eight (8) different restaurant concepts to choose from.

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