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Have you already filled out your application and have questions? Then you are in the correct place. If you are looking for something else please navigate back to the main FAQ page HERE

I filled out an application, how do I know if it’s been received?

You should receive your first communication from the USBG Foundation within 72 hours of filing. 


I filled out an application over a week ago and I still haven’t received any communication.  Did it get lost?

All applicants receive communication within 72 hours and may receive more communications after that.  If you did not receive communication, please do the following:


•    Check your spam inbox.

•    Confirm the email address that you used when filing and ensure that it is still active.


If you have not received a communication from us, it may mean that your email address is not active.  Please reach out to if you still have received no communications after 72 hours.

Can I edit my application or add documents after it is submitted?

Please email to make changes to your application.

I just re-read what the acceptable forms of proof are.  Can I upload new documents?

If new or additional documentation is needed you will receive an "Additional Form" in which to upload documents.

My situation has changed since I first applied.  Can I upload new documents?

If new or additional documentation is needed you will receive an "Additional Form" in which to upload documents.

I received a denial on my application, but since then, my situation has drastically changed.  Can I re-apply?



I filled out an application and only received a couple of communications.  Does this mean my application has been denied?

No.  However, depending on the situation, it could mean that your application is still being reviewed. 

I filled out an application at the exact same time as my co-worker and they have already received a grant.  Why haven’t I received one?

Grants are awarded based on emergency need that is carefully reviewed.  Your need may be different from your co-worker’s need.    


I’m a single mother of two, got an eviction notice, and have severe food needs, do I have to wait 3-6 weeks to get assistance?

We do try and prioritize applicants that have proven emergent need.


Questions about approval payment processing?

Please check the approval email you received for contact information to have these questions answered

What email address should I use for approval payment processing?

Please do not use a email address as they will not work with our payment processor. Make sure that you use, or set up, an additional email address for payment processing.

I received an email stating that my application was not approved for assistance. Why was my application declined?

Our evaluation is based on the proven need for emergency aid related to fire, weather, medical, family emergency, or cancer. We will not be able to assist everyone who asks. At this time, we are not able to share the details of individual application denials. 

Are you offering any other relief or resources aside from grants?

Yes. Please visit our resources page here.

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