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Presenting ... the Quarterly Health & Wellness Award!

Are you (or someone you know) already contributing to the health and wellness of the community, or do you (or someone you know) want to take the first steps toward living a healthier life?

Our bodies, our minds, and our friends need health and wellness.
The USBG and the USBG National Charity Foundation believe in caring for not only our craft, but the health of those in our industry.

The newly-formed Joint Health & Wellness Committee focuses on ways to encourage and educate members of our industry on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. We will be recognizing active, healthy nominees in monthly blog posts, and we will reward those who are dedicated to this cause!

The Joint Health and Wellness Award will be presented quarterly. Each quarter's award recipient will be chosen from nominated candidates within our service industry community.

This is an award for those living (or looking to live) a sustainable life, and who have been inspirations to others in doing so as well.

Our Health & Wellness Tool Kit, the prize awarded, will include gifts, giftcards and tools that encourage awardees to live healthier lives.

We are looking for nominees from our industry who fit one or more of these criteria:

  • Practice healthy lifestyle choices for themselves through regular exercise, nutrient-rich meal choices, and prioritizing rest and recovery

  • Encourage, inspire, and motivate others to practice healthy lifestyles

  • Moving towards making changes in their own lives by consistently to practicing healthy lifestyle habits

  • Volunteer for causes that help encourage healthier & sustainable communities

  • Inspire community members to better themselves through healthy living

The deadline for the upcoming quarter's nomination period is:


Nominations must be received on or before this date in order to be considered for the upcoming quarter's award. To inform us of those in our industry who are taking action in these ways; nominate them HERE!

Nominees do not need to be USBG members, however, they must be integral to our industry as a whole.

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