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Campari Community Day of Service

On June 5th, 2018 over 350 USBG members and friends volunteered over 1,000 hours in 25 cities during the first ever Campari Community Day of Service! These teams of volunteers sorted donated food, walked dogs, prepared & delivered meals, weeded, restocked miniature libraries, cleaned beaches, made beds for shelter animals, put together hygiene kits for the homeless, and so much more!

We loved seeing the cheer, the camaraderie, and all the smiles! Here’s what a few volunteers had to say:

Melissa, Boston

The one thing that was said to me multiple times during the day of service is how much the bartenders (i.e. volunteers) appreciated us setting a time like that up and they wanted to see more days of service like this.

Maren, Utah

Working in the hospitality industry can be incredibly taxing on our mental and emotional health and sometimes it's hard to remember why we love what we do. It's days like the Campari Day of Service that really remind everyone why we're here and why we love our jobs. In Salt Lake City, Utah, we gathered over 25 volunteers to work the dinner shift at Catholic Community Services St. Vincent De Paul Center (a local kitchen for people experiencing homelessness.) Everyone showed up with a smile on their faces and we were able to serve over 300 dinners to those in need. The people we served were so grateful for what we had given them and that is what being in hospitality is all about. Overall, it was such an incredibly rewarding experience for our USBG chapter and industry community to participate in together and it was a great bonding and networking opportunity. Salt Lake is so excited to participate in future events like this!

Rick, San Francisco

I like how volunteering helps keep the big picture in perspective and I always feel a sense of pride that I was able to give back and help those in need which is very fulfilling . Even a small group of people for a couple of hours volunteering can make a big difference for many families in need.

We would like to thank YOU. All of the organizers, team leads, volunteers, and sponsors for helping the USBG National Charity Foundation in putting on such a well-received and fun event. We would also like to thank the host charities for all the amazing work you do in our local communities.

And a very special thanks goes out to Campari America and Anne-Louis Marquis for making this day of service possible. #CampariCares

If you want to see more photos please check out our Facebook Group HERE.

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