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Support the Flood Recovery Efforts in Baton Rouge, LA by Adopting A Bar!

With all of the devastation this summer from rain water and flooding, the Greater Baton Rouge USBG Chapter is looking to give back to the area. Many bars in the Baton Rouge and Denham Springs areas are small operations, run by a handful of amazing staff, and supported by a small -but strong- base of loyal patrons. Some of these bars lost a lot when the water levels rose, and need our support to rebuild. We want to help these bars with their repairs and give them an injection of fresh patrons, advertising, and liquidity.

Please help the Greater Baton Rouge USBG Chapter raise the needed funds to repair these community businesses by donating here:

Thank you!


A few facts:

  • The estimated damage is 110,000 homes valued around $20.7 billion.

  • 31% of the homes in nine Parishes, with Baton Rouge at the center, were destroyed.

  • Only about 25% of these homes had flood insurance because they were in designated flood zones.

  • About 7,000 businesses employing around 74,000 people were damaged in the Baton Rouge alone. This is about 21% of the overall businesses in Baton Rouge.

Here are a few photos of the current flood situation in the Baton Rouge area:

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